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Jeremy is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, award-winning producer and sound design engineer. Click on the icon below to visit his dedicated website,, and learn more about his studio services!

"I am a multi-disciplinary artist, producer, and educator. Experience and expertise in several creative fields across a wide variety of genres allows the great gift of perspective. I combine this with technical know-how and work closely with my clients to establish a unique and creative way to deliver work which directly reflects their vision."

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Jeremy's Aura

Jeremy’s Aura represents but one of the musical directions of Jeremy Costa, a Montreal-based artist with a creative background in painting, sound installation, progressive rock, theater, and event production. Combining his passion for both live and electronic music, Jeremy’s Aura has established a reputation in and around the Montreal area and across the globe.

To learn more about this project, click on the picture or link below and view the dedicated Jeremy's Aura page!

Schrödinger Kats

Schrödinger Kats is a progressive rock band born out of Montreal, Canada. Spawning from the minds of Chris Banville and Jeremy Costa, the group began with the intention of escaping the boundaries of any ‘genre’. In their first year, with drummer Alexis Boulva, the band created their first EP, a self titled Rock Opera.

The ridiculous and epic adventures that take place during the Schrödinger Kats Rock Opera reflect their will to create something light of heart. Although the piece is composed with the intention of serious music and creative exploration, the idea of laughter and playfulness remains present, and hopefully obvious to listeners. This is especially true during their energetic, playful and, safe to say, intense live shows. With influences ranging from, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Yes, Dream Theater, Shpongle, Frank Zappa, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Symphony X and a whole lot more, the Kats leave no doors closed in their creative journey.

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