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Event Production



Frequinox is an annual collective variety show that takes place every spring. It is a costume party with the intention of creating a participatory environment. There are always plenty of props, costumes and performers in disguise in a decorative and inviting atmosphere. At Frequinox, there is always room for more; featuring a variety of kiosks, live music, live painting, beautiful and eclectic dancers, performers and participants!


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Various Shows and Tours


Over the years, Jeremy has currated and produced various music events in Montreal and tours in Canada and the United States with various local and international artists. Cities include Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, New York City, New York State, Austin and New Hampshire.In this time he has had the pleasure of working with and performing alongside musicians such as, Ott, Argaman, Globular, Ekoplex, Supersillyus, and Radioactive Sandwich to name a few. Some notable venues include the Plaza Theatre and Theatre Ste Catherine in Montreal and SAW Gallery in Ottawa.



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